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Alternatives to Suspension

Who are we?

The Alternatives to Suspension program at the Augusta Boys and Girls Club is a voluntary program for students who have been suspended

from school. We serve students in grades 7-12 who have been referred to our program by school administration.

What do we do?

Our program strives to provide our participants with a safe, structured environment where they will continue to develop their strengths, as well as learn from their mistakes, and move forward in a positive direction. This program provides each student with one-on-one assistance in developing a plan for successful reintegration back to school.

Why do we do it?

We believe that kids do well when they can.

Our goal is to have kids learn from their suspension experience and to not get resuspended. We believe that kids benefit from an opportunity to reflect on their behaviors and develop necessary skills to become productive and responsible members of our community.

Program Activities

Asset Builder Project Schoolwork w/ help Skill building activities

Reflection Re-entry Plan Interest surveys

Make sure you don’t forget to bring:

  •  Lunch and snacks (Lunch can be provided by Cony if planned ahead)
  •  School assignments
     Supplies needed to complete assignments

And remember:

The program begins at 7:30AM with youth and parent/guardian meeting with A2S Coordinator, the day goes until 1:15 for youth.