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Venture Crew Camping Trip

-Photo courtesy of Eric Kilby

Venture Crew 684 which meets at the Club on Wednesday afternoons is a Boy Scouts of America program that is Co-ed for teens 14 and up. The Crew is celebrating its one year anniversary and during the weekend before Thanksgiving was able to do a weekend camping trip in Acton, ME at Camp Nutter of the Pine Tree Council of Maine. The weekend was spent completing a leadership training course, and on having extended fun during the two nights together. ABGC Board Member, Dr. Roy Miller was a chaperone and reported back that he was impressed with staff and crew by their dedication to learning, teamwork, patience, and good humor. This was 2015’s third camping trip. Crew members have advanced in skill building such as First Aid/CPR certification, safe gun practice, and leadership. The Crew welcomes any interested teen to join on the adventure.

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